Curriculum overview

Early years

The foundation stage makes a crucial contribution to children’s early development and learning. Our nursery and reception classes provide a rich variety of opportunities and experiences that are appropriate to the needs of the children.  Children develop key learning skills such as communicating effectively and co-operating with others. The foundation stage works within six areas of learning. These are:

  • Creative Development
  • Physical Development
  • Knowledge and Understanding of the world
  • Mathematical Development
  • Communication, Language and Literacy
  • Personal and Social Development

Using the outdoor environment is key to developing children’s skills, knowledge and understanding and our nursery and reception have regular access to outdoor play and provision. Equipment is selected to give a specific learning opportunity and this provision is planned for.

Children in the foundation stage are taught in a variety of different ways. First hand experiences and structured play feature strongly in the foundation stage curriculum.


Horizons Curriculum

Key Stage 1 (ages 5-7 years) and Keys Stage 2 (aged 8-11 years) follow the National Curriculum for the following subjects:

  • Science
  • Information Communication Technology
  • Art and Design
  • Design and Technology
  • History
  • Geography
  • Modern Foreign Language
  • Music
  • Physical Education

These subjects are taught through our Horizons Curriculum, which is a cross curricular approach to learning intended to broaden and deepen the children's learning, allowing them to thrive and reach their potential.

RE is also taught following the RE Scheme for Hampshire Schools 'Living Difference 3' and details of this can be found in our Horizions Curriculum Offer.

For more information on how our bespoke Horizons Curriculum works, please click on our Horizons Offer. Please note that some of the class trips in the offer are subject to change depending upon availability.

PDF iconArk Ayrton Foundation Offer

National Curriculum

Please click on the phase you wish to view, in order to see our statutory fulfilment of the National Curriculum.

Phases One and Two

Phases Three and Four

Phases Five and Six


At Ark Ayrton, we value the importance of children as readers and writers. Our Horizons Curriculum is based around a book. For more information on our English curriculum (including phonics, units of work and additional information) please click on the link below. Please note that the texts might be subject to change depending upon availability of the books.

PDF iconArk Ayrton English Offer 2021


Mathematics is taught through a range of different activities. We believe children need to work with mathematical ideas practically before moving on to written methods and we ensure that we plan for as many opportunities for this as possible. In reception and year 1 children are learning maths through Mathematics Mastery, which is a structured programme based on practical equipment and models, as well as a strong emphasis on language development and vocabulary. You can find out more about Mathematics Mastery here.

Years 2,3,4,5 and 6 are all taught a six-part maths lesson which incorporates practical application and vocabulary acquisition. We have structured our learning to ensure children have enough time and direct teaching to fully access and understand a mathematical concept before moving on to a new one.

For more information on how maths is taught at Ark Ayrton, please look at our Maths Offer.

PDF iconArk Ayrton Maths Offer 2020

PDF iconYear 2 Abridged Maths Curriculum

PDF iconYear 3 Abridged Maths Curriculum

PDF iconYear 4 Abridged Maths Curriculum

PDF iconYear 5 Abridged Maths Curriculum

PDF iconYear 6 Abridged Maths Curriculum