At Ark Ayrton Primary Academy we have a Code of Conduct to teach and support the pupils in ensuring they understand and can achieve the high expectations we have of their behaviour in and around the academy.

We ask all pupils to sign up to the following agreement:-

"In lessons, I will do whatever it takes to make sure that I:

a)  arrive at ARK Ayrton by 8.45a.m.
b)  bring the equipment I need and am prepared for my learning.
c)  wear the correct uniform smartly throughout the day.
d)  enter the academy quietly, greeting the adult on duty.
e)  enter the classroom calmly, greeting the adults.
f ) avoid all distractions: putting away anything not required for the lesson.
g)  only drink water from my water bottle.
h)  be an active learner by engaging with the activities set by the teacher, and demonstrating that I am doing this by SLANTing (Sitting, Listening, Articulating/Answering, Nodding, Tracking) at all times.
i)  show respect for my own learning and that of others.
j)  being silent when requested.
k) always complete my homework on time and to an excellent standard.
l)  make sure that I catch up with my learning if I have been absent from the academy or have fallen behind for other reasons.
m) help a teammate if they are finding the learning difficult.

In the academy and the local community, I will do whatever it takes to help create a safe environment which respects the rights of others by:

n)  listening to members of staff and following instructions politely and calmly.
o)  walking in single file, not running or shouting, and maintaining silence in corridors.
p)  going straight to my lessons and holding doors open for others when the corridors are busy.
q)  never damaging academy property, defacing the building, dropping litter or spitting.
r)  never insulting, undermining or swearing at anyone.
s) remembering I am always an ambassador for the academy. Leaving the academy and making my way home in an orderly,  responsible way.
t)  when travelling on public transport, I will respect those around me, speaking to teammates, transport staff and members of the public quietly and politely respecting the local environment, by being considerate to our local community, obeying shop rules, and never dropping litter, defacing or trespassing on private property.

I understand that there will be consequences if I do not observe the Code of Conduct".