Speed Sounds

Tuesday 28 April 2015

Yr 1 Phonics Workshop - Thursday 21st May 2015 9.00 - 9.30am in the Hall.

Find out more about the Phonics Check taken by all Year 1 pupils in June and how you can help your child with reading and spelling.  We look forward to seeing you there.

Click on the link to see our Speed Sounds Video. 

The speed sounds are the foundation of the Read Write Inc. phonics programme and are the building blocks for reading

Children learn their sounds, starting with set 1 in reception, and then begin blending them into words, gradually increasing in difficulty. We aim for children to know sets 1, 2 and 3 by the end of year 1. 
The Speed Sounds are taught as 'pure sounds' to make it simpler when blending them together to read words. This might be a little different to the way many adults learnt to read so we've compiled this video to help parents and carers become familiar with the pronunciation children will be using, hopefully making it easier for you to support them at home.