During the Covid-19 restictions all clubs have been suspended. 

We will let you know as soon as we can offer these again, which we hope to do during Spring Term 2021, but below is a sample of a recent timetable.


Clubs are offered on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. 

Ark Ayrton Clubs Timetable Spring 1 2020 15:45-16:30
Clubs Day Teacher/s Year Groups Location
Outdoor multi-sports Monday Miss Mccarthy & Miss Issacs Year 3-6 Playground/GP
Science Club Monday Miss Jenkins & Mrs Cook Year 1-6 Wolf Rock
Board Games Monday Miss Woodward & Mrs Garside Year 1-6 Smalls
Drawing & colouring Monday Mrs Serjent & Mrs Sanger Year 1 & 2 Mumbles
Cooking Monday Mrs Nevill, Miss Lane & Mrs Reilly Year 1 & 2 Kitchen
Art & Craft Monday Mrs Down & Miss Munt Year 1-4 Barns Ness/Broxap
Reading Monday Miss Pullen All Years (inc. Yr R) Lighthouse Library
Dance Thursday Mrs Tague Year 3-6 Hall
Gaming/Computing Thursday Miss Woods Year 3-6 Wolf Rock
Reading Thursday Mrs Pullen All Years (inc. Yr R) Lighthouse Library
Football Thursday Mr Cooke & Ms Hetherington Year 1 & 2 Green Pitch
Cross stitch Thursday Miss Mansfield, Mrs Chuter & Mrs Rabaud Year 1-6 Classroom
Sewing Tuesday Mrs Kohli Year 3-6 St Catherines
Trading games (Yu-Gi-Oh) Tuesday Mrs Tuck Year 3-6 New Brighton
Lego Tuesday Mrs Asiri & Miss Benham Year R, 1 & 2 Reception
Just Dance Tuesday Mrs Simpson, Miss Sheehan & Miss Gregory Year R, 1 & 2 Reception
Gym/Yoga Tuesday Miss Sullivan Year 2-4 Hall
Boys Football Tuesday Mr Cooke Year 4 & 5 Green Pitch
Girls Football Tuesday Miss Robinson Year 4- 6 Green Pitch
Cooking Wednesday Mrs Nevill & Miss Davis Year 3-6 Kitchen