Children at Ark Ayrton Primary Academy are expected to take part in learning at home. This reinforces the commitment to aim high and work hard. Teachers communicate home learning tasks through newsletters and letters home. Children from across the school take home a reading book, which is changed regularly, and are expected to read with someone at home on a regular basis. They are expected to bring their book to school every day.

Home learning is always purposeful and linked to current topics and subjects. Children from year one to year six receive Maths and English homework weekly and a topic project every half term. On some occasions, children may be asked to take work home to finish or be given additional homework.

Learning at home is a powerful extension of the school day. Parents, carers and siblings have the opportunity to share the pupil’s experiences and consolidate learning.  We welcome feedback from our parents and carers and always strive to take into consideration their views and suggestions.


Ark Ayrton Remote Learning Policy 


Ark Ayrton Home Learning Offer