At Ark Ayrton Primary Academy we believe that a strong command of english and mathematics is a vital foundation for the whole curriculum. We prioritise depth before breadth so that all pupils secure ‘mastery’ in these core subjects as early as possible.

Our afternoons are led by our ‘Horizons Curriculum’ – all other subjects as well as further English and Mathematics opportunities are linked through cross curricular topics to provide a broad and balanced curriculum that is engaging, high in expectations and both skills based and content rich, preparing our children for later life.

Through carefully planned topics, we ‘broaden our children’s horizons’ through teaching the content of the national curriculum through:-

  • a skills based approach
  • providing exciting experiences and visits
  • creativity – children learn to think for themselves and become adaptable, motivated, independent learners
  • learning that challenges, stimulates and excites children’s curiosity about the world around them
  • encouraging our children to use their learning and skills imaginatively within meaningful contexts

Subjects taught through our Horizons Curriculum are Science, History, Geography, Art and Design, Design Technology, Music and Computing.

We also teach French, PE (including dance and swimming) and RE. Wherever possible, we ensure these also link to the topics being studied but sometimes they are taught in isolation.

If you would any further information regarding our school curriculum, please speak to a member of the school office team, who will put you in contact with one of our Assistant Head Teachers for Teaching and Learning.