Welcome to Ark Ayrton Primary Academy.

The launch of the new year is being inspired by the Olympics that took place in Rio over the summer and, as a school, we are ‘Going for Gold!’

Our children are wonderful. To help them be the best that they can be, to ensure they flourish at primary school,  to ensure they have the attitudes, skills, knowledge and understanding to prepare for secondary school, university or follow the career of their choice in later life - it all starts right here!

We have high expectations of our children and for our children and what they can achieve. Our priorities are to ensure all children are here, safe, happy and learning well at all times.

This means we also have high expectations of ourselves, our parents and carers and the other people who work with us in improving outcomes for our children. We work closely with our partners and challenge each other openly and honestly to be sure we never lose sight of the vision and the job to be done in achieving excellence for all.

We have a strong and dedicated staff team at Ayrton – all ready to do their best for the children every day so please come and speak to any one of them to find out more about our vision, our priorities and the progress we make along the way

We believe in this community, the children and families and I am proud to lead this school on the next part of it’s journey to ensure every child receives an excellent education which will give them real life choices in the future and help them achieve their dreams!


Anne H-Chapman

Head Teacher