Rewards and sanctions

Every opportunity will be taken to praise, reward and encourage our pupils for a whole range of achievements and actions. Positive reinforcement is more powerful and has more influence than punishment. Our full policies relating to behaviour, bullying, child protection, health & safety and sanctions can be found in the Academy Office.

Consequences – as a general rule

We believe that pupils should understand the consequences of their actions. Pupils will be encouraged to make the right choices. An incremental system of consequences/sanctions will be followed should pupils make the wrong choice.

This ranges from non verbal prompts and reminders, verbal warnings, loss of playtime, lunchtime and time at the end of the academy day to no more than 4 minutes. Time out of 20 minutes in another age appropriate class (known as Buddy Class) is also used and parents/carers will be informed by letter if their child has been to Buddy Class, the number of times and the reasons for this each week.

Should a detention be needed parents/carers will be informed wherever possible in person, or by phone and this will also be accompanied by a letter to sign.
Detentions take place on a Wednesday night from 3.20pm – 3.50pm. For more persistent and/or more serious behaviour internal exclusion or
exclusion from school may be issued. Parents/carers will always be informed of this decision and the reasons why and invited to come and meet academy staff to discuss the incident and plan accordingly.

If a pupil is experiencing continuing difficulties with their behaviour parents/carers will be invited to meet with Mrs Chapman and other appropriate staff in order to set up a behaviour plan and where necessary to enlist the support and input of other agencies in helping to meet the needs of the pupil.

These plans will be reviewed regularly and we parents/carers to attend these reviews too.

Playground Pupils who behave inappropriately will be given a ‘time out’ in the designated area, and playground staff may issue ‘time out’ to pupils for a period of up to 4 minutes. If three ‘Time Outs’ are issued, the pupil will lose their next playtime. For more serious incidents at playtime and lunchtime pupils may be required to go home for lunch for a period of time as a consequence.

Academy Rewards - As a general rule Adults and pupils in our academy will give praise often. Pupils’ good behaviour will be rewarded individually, as a class member and as a year group member. Rewards will be totalled regularly and announced .

Pupils are rewarded regularly and individually using non verbal gestures (ie thumbs up), specific verbal praise and their effort and  achievements rewarded with their name moving up on the class chart towards earning ‘Graduate of the day’. Pupils can also be nominated for aiming high, working hard and playing fair and will receive a certificate in Nominations Assembly to recognise this.

Head Teachers Awards are also issued for exceptional behaviour and effort. When the class as a whole achieve something special (e.g. being excellent on a school trip, treating a visitor with respect, etc) they will be awarded merits, which will be displayed prominently in the class. These rewards are monitored regularly and as a class they choose how to use their class merits for a whole class reward.
Attendance and punctuality

A certificate is awarded to the class with the highest attendance each week and a trophy awarded to the same class as long as their attendance for the week has been at least 95%. Pupils have the opportunity to win a prize in the weekly Attendance Lottery if they have 100% attendance for the week. Termly and yearly attendance certificates and prizes are also awarded.