Pupil Premium & PE Strategy 2016/2017


PE Grant Outturn July 2016


Pupil Premium was introduced by the Government in April 2011 to address underlying inequalities between children eligible for free school meals and their peers.  The school is required to ensure that identified funding is carefully targeted to improve the life chances of designated pupils or groups of pupils.

Prior to September 2013, ARK Ayrton Primary Academy was known as Somers Park Primary School.  Our current Pupil Premium allocation is based on the number of children who were on roll at Somers Park Primary in January 2013 and who had been entitled to free school meals at any point in the previous 6 years.  Due to the change in status of the school we are required to report from September 2013 onwards.


No of pupils


Apr13-Mar 14 179 @ £953 pp + 1 Service child £170,887
Apr14-Mar 15 182 @ £1300 pp + 1 service child £236,900
Apr15-Mar 16 194 @ £1320 pp + 1 service child £256,380


ARK Ayrton Primary is an inner city school in a catchment area with high levels of disadvantage. The majority of school strategies are targeted towards improvement in the attainment and progress of pupils. 

Pupil Premium and Service Child funding has been allocated to the following programmes (based on full year costs):  their impact is reviewed regularly.

Use Purpose Impact       



Outcomes July 2016
Additional staffing beyond 1 LSA per class throughout the school day       




Every class has a full time Learning Support Assistant (LSA), some LSAs run Read Write Inc (RWI) sessions in the mornings bringing group sizes down to 8/9 pupils to 1 adult. LSAs support teachers and pupils and run small group or 1 - 1       

interventions in the afternoon in order to narrow gaps and bring pupils back on track.


Teacher to support progress in writing in KS2 (summer term 15)


The majority of pupils are making expected and/or accelerated progress through the RWI programme.  
After school tuition       



LSA provides 1-1 or small group tuition for identified pupils after school following gaps analysis Pupils progress in identified areas accelerates to narrow gaps between themselves and their peers.  
LSA providing Nuffield deprived language programme       




LSA works with pupils in year R and Nursery, screening language development and providing ongoing tuition for those whose language development is deprived (not a Speech and Language issue) Pupils quickly acquire a breadth of language in line with their peers and they enter year 1 with vocabulary closer to or in line with their peers  
Home reading LSA       





LSA works with pupils to ensure that they take home a reading book that meets their needs and that they read regularly at home (those who don’t are supported by her) Pupils reading levels improve and they develop a love of reading.  
Pastoral Support       


1 x Support worker



Support for our most vulnerable pupils when they and their families are in crisis Crisis management does not fall to teaching staff and the impact on pupils’ learning is reduced  
Implementation of family dining requiring       

equipment and additional staffing


Additional lunchtime hours




Pupils serve one another and eat together as ‘families’ learning social etiquette and ‘manners’.  Staff have been provided with meals to support in the dining hall at lunchtime. The hours for lunchtime staff have increased to allow for preparation to ensure family dining is successful.  Pupils are confident in a range of social situations and know how to behave appropriately.  
Year 6 pupils and staff undertake a fully funded residential visit in October.       


Total cost £6,600

£2,500 from PE grant, balance from pupil premium




Year 6 residential to Isle of Wight.  Staff and children will experience a variety of high adrenaline and team based activity this brings then together as a year 6 team for the hard work that lays ahead. Year 6 pupils recognise themselves as the oldest in the school, they form tight bonds that sustain them throughout the increased expectations and responsibilities that year 6 brings.  
School Uniform Provision       



194 children x £11.00/£15.00







An item of school uniform has been provided to free of charge to children who are entitled to free school meals.  The average value of these items is £11.00 or parents can receive a £15 reduction on the cost of a blazer All pupils wear full school uniform and there is no difference between one and the other       


Sept 15: Ever 6 pupils were given either a blazer @ £15 or a jumber @ £11 at the beginning of the new academic year
Deputy Headteacher       

without class responsibilities



English Manager not class based



Continual CPD for teaching staff to improve the quality of teaching and consistency of techniques Quality of teaching is improved, gaps are narrowed       

so that 87% of lessons are good or better


Outcomes in Speaking and Listening, Reading and Writing improve consistently in line with and above national outcomes.



“Read Write Inc” Manager & Teaching Assistant       






“Read Write Inc” increases progress and attainment,  to increase percentages of children reaching national averages       




Aim is for 83% of Year 1 pupils to reach the required level in the “Phonics Check”.       

All children who arrive in school are assessed and placed in appropriate groups for phonics



Supernumerary teacher       

From September 2015


Jo L


Working with identified Y 6 pupils to accelerate progress in writing       


Children working with the supernumerary teacher achieve end of key stage target  
Circles of Interest       

Manager and after school club provision




Free extra curricular after school provision offering a range of activities.* After school clubs will be offered by the specialist staff detailed below.       




To provide equal access for all children       










*Extended Curriculum       


Aug – Mar 16


Art & DT Teacher

MFL Teacher



The school day has been increased in length from September 2015 by a further 35 minutes to enable additional time to be devoted to foundation subjects.       

The school has either employed subject specialists or sought external specialists to deliver specific curriculum subjects.

All children have an opportunity to be taught by a specialist over the course of a year.  Teachers also have an opportunity to work alongside subject specialists to develop their own skills  
Skillforce coaches – April - July2015       


3 instructors to work with 40 pupils from Jan - Jul 2015 working towards the Junior Prince's Award (JPA). Y6 children develop life skills         


Cost of provision 15/16

Anticipated spend:




Pupil Premium Income:







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