Reporting to parents

Ark Ayrton Primary Academy Parent Reports

We report to Parents in the middle of the spring term and at the end of the academic year.  The first report contains information for parents about the progress their child is making and how well they are attaining.  There is also the opportunity for teachers to comment on areas such as attendance, uniform and punctuality to lessons.

How is the report organised?

The report is split into sections for different areas. One page shares information about the pupil’s attendance and this is shown in a pie graph.  On this page there is also a comment about the child’s behaviour, social skills and attitude to learning.

The next page tells the parent about specific subjects.  For each core subject (English, maths and science) there is a grade given for effort (work hard) and behaviour (play fair). More information about this grade will be included as an additional sheet in the report.  This sheet tells the parent the pupil’s current level in that subject, where they started and also what their end of year target is. This is shown graphically using colour coding and symbols.  There is also additional information that tells the parent what the child’s strengths are and what they need to do in order to improve.

What does the ‘Play Fair’ and ‘Work Hard’ grade mean?

Grade Work Hard
Outstanding-O                Describes a student whose work ethic is exceptional. Content and presentation of work and participation in lessons would be the very best that the student is capable of.
Good - G Describes a student that shows care for their work, who always makes some positive contribution to lessons and shows a determination to succeed in problem solving activities.
Developing- D Describes a student whose work shows an acceptable level of care and shows some perseverance to solving problems, if initially unsuccessful.
Grade Play Fair
  Outstanding- O                                         


Describes a student with an excellent attitude to supporting other members of their class, school and community. This child consistently considers others when making decisions and taking action
Good- G Describes a student who has a good attitude to supporting other members of the class, school and community most of the time.  This child will often consider others and understands consequences of his or her actions.
Developing- D Describes a student who can support other members of the class, school or community when prompted or reminded.  This child needs help in understanding how their actions could affect others


We welcome feedback from parents about our reports.