Open Days for Reception 2019

If you would like an opportunity to look around our school and meet our Early Years Leader please join us on one of the following days:

                 Wednesday 21st November at 9.30 am or 1.30 pm

                 Wednesday 5th December at 9.30 am or 1.30 pm

Should the above dates not be suitable for you please contact the school on 02392 824828 and we will arrange an alternative appointment.

We look forward to meeting with you.


We believe that effective assessment provides information to improve teaching and learning. Our rigorous progress and target setting model supports this.

We provide children with regular feedback on their learning so that they understand what it is that they need to do better. This allows us to base our lesson plans on a detailed knowledge of each pupil.

We also give parents/carers regular reports on their child’s progress so that teachers, children and parents/carers are all learning together to raise standards for all our children.


Aims and objectives

  • The aims and objectives of assessment in our academy are:
  • To enable our children to demonstrate what they know, understand and can do in their learning;
  • To help our children understand what they need to do next to improve their learning;
  • To allow teachers to plan learning that accurately reflects the needs of each child;
  • To provide regular information for parents/carers that enables them to support their child’s learning;
  • To provide the Headteacher and governors with information that allows them to make judgements about the effectiveness of the academy; and Help us to plan highly effective learning opportunities.