Curriculum aims

At Ark Ayrton Primary Academy we believe that a strong command of English and mathematics is a vital foundation for the whole curriculum. We prioritise depth before breadth so that all pupils secure ‘mastery’ in these core subjects as early as possible. Achieving the basic skills in English and maths opens up and enhances opportunities for learning in other subjects.

Through our curriculum we prepare children for the future and support them in building and sustaining high aspirations and expectations of themselves.

The aims and objectives of the curriculum in our academy are:


  • The provision of a high quality, relevant education for all children (meeting all children’s needs)
  • To develop all pupils to their full potential by catering  for
  • their different strengths, abilities and interests (treating all children as individuals)
  • To equip pupils with the skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary for both the present and the future needs of the immediate community and society at large (preparing them for the next stage of their education and beyond)
  • To provide cross curricular links to ensure that pupils’ learning has even greater coherence (helping children to understand)
  • To embed the application of ICT across the curriculum in order to maximise pupils’ learning and progress (children use technology to practice, apply and develop what they have been learning)
  • Developing ‘mastery’ of skills, knowledge and understanding  to prepare pupils for secondary education.

If you would any further information regarding our school curriculum, please speak to a member of the school office team, who will put you in contact with our Deputy Head Teacher (curriculum).