Mrs Anne


Mrs Sophie Bennett-Acres Deputy Headteacher for T&L  
Mrs Philippa Dawson Deputy Headteacher for Inclusion & SENCO & DSL  
Miss Helen Drake Class Teacher & STEM Lead                                                        

(Tuesday - Friday)


Start Point Lighthouse

Mrs Gemma Scarsbrook Class Teacher & EYFS Lead                                                           

(Monday – Thursday)

Year R                                                              

Seahouses Lighthouse

Mrs Tegan Asiri                                                              


Class Teacher & Science Lead                                                              

(Monday – Wednesday)

Year R                                                              

Seahouses Lighthouse

Mrs Holly Serjent Class Teacher & Read, Write, Inc Lead Year 1                                                              

Mumbles Lighthouse

Miss Rachel Smythe Class Teacher & Arts Mark Year 1                                                              

Smalls Lighthouse

Miss Vanessa Woodward Class Teacher & KS1 Lead Year 2                                                              

Barnes Ness Lighthouse

Mrs Shobana Kohli Class Teacher & Curriculum Lead Year 2                                                              

St. Ives Lighthouse

Miss Holly Predeth Class Teacher & History & Geography Lead Year 3                                                              

St. Catherines Lighthouse

Mrs Nicola Tuck Class Teacher & Years 3 & 4 Phase Lead Year 4                                                              

The Needles Lighthouse

Miss Chantelle Robinson Class Teacher & Music Lead Year 4                                                              

Portland Bill Lighthouse

Mrs Nicky Tague Class Teacher & PSHE Lead Year 5                                    Southsea Lighthouse
Miss Anna McCarthy Class Teacher & PE Lead                           

Year 6                                    

St. Bees Lighthouse

Miss Tracey Woods Class Teacher & Maths Lead                           

Year 6                                    

Wolf Rock Lighthouse

Mrs Julie Truscott Class Teach & Yr5/6 Phase Lead  
Mrs Lynette Payne SENCO  
Miss Jade Sullivan Class Teacher & SMSC Lead  
Mrs Kathryn Campbell Teaching Assistant Year 1
Mrs Tess Chuter Teaching Assistant Year 2
Miss Melody Davis Teaching Assistant Year 2
Mrs Caroline Garside Teaching Assistant Year 5
Miss Olivia Hetherington :11 Teaching Assistant various
Mr Ashley Cooke Teaching Assistant Year 5
Mrs Lisa Simpson Teaching Assistant Year R
Mrs Sharon Howlett Teaching Assistant Year R
Miss Georgia Hurley 1:1 Teaching Assistant Year R
Mrs Lorna Isaacs Teaching Assistant Year 4
Miss Georgina Jenkins Teaching Assistant Year 6
Miss Abi Mansfield Read, Write, Inc Assistant various
Ms Nicola May 1-1 Teaching Assistant various
Miss Kara Munt Teaching Assistant with responsibility for Home Reading various
Mrs Lucette Rabaud Teaching Assistant Year 3
Mrs Liz Reilly Teaching Assistant Year 1
Ms Kerrie Sanger Teaching Assistant Year 1
Miss Taylor Sheehan Teaching Assistant Year R
Mr Duncan Robinson 1:1 Teaching Assistant Various
Mrs Alexandra Donbavand Teaching Assistant Various
Miss Leilani Francis Teaching Assistant Various
Miss Isabelle Hamlett Teaching Assistant Various
Mrs Johur Bibi Bilingual Assistant Various
Miss Stephanie Gregory 1:1 Teaching Assistant Reception
Miss Jemma Pullen Library Manager Lighthouse Library

Mrs Hayley Payne


Nursery Nurse


Start Point Lighthouse

Miss Debbie Evans Behaviour Support Worker  
Mrs Mandy Rutledge Pastoral Support Leader & DDSL  
Ms Emily Restall Behaviour Support Worker  
Miss Marnie Lee Cover Supervisor  
Mrs Shamima Miah Cover Supervisor  
Mrs Joanna Parish Cover Supervisor  
Miss Aimee Miller Cover Supervisor  
Mrs Robyn Robinson Cover Supervisor  
Ms Daisy Martin Midday Supervisory Assistant  
Ms Kara Munt Midday Supervisory Assistant  
Mrs Michelle Oakes Midday Supervisory Assistant  
Mrs Tanya Mitchell Midday Supervisory Assistant  
Miss Theresa Merritt Midday Supervisory Assistant  
Mrs Caroline Garside Midday Supervisory Assistant  
Miss Taylor Sheehan Midday Supervisory Assistant  
Mrs Lorna Isaacs Midday Supervisory Assistant  
Ms Olivia Hetherington Senior Midday Supervisor  
Mrs Nahlah Sulaiman Midday Supervisory Assistant  
Miss Mafalda Coelho Da Silva   Midday Supervisory Assistant    
Mrs Sharon Hall Midday Supervisory Assistant  
Mrs Mary Rowsell Midday Supervisory Assistant  
Mrs Maria Burr Midday Supervisory Assistant  
Mrs Malika Raouad Midday Supervisory Assistant  
Mrs Bet Davis Midday Supervisory Assistant  

Mr David Dunning

Mr Hung Fei Nam Caretaker  
Mrs Michelle Oakes Cleaner  
Ms Tanya Mitchell Cleaner  
Mrs Susan Caller Cleaner  
Miss Mollie McAndrew Cleaner  
Mrs Mary Rowsell Cleaner  
Mrs Bet Davis Cleaner  

Mrs Linda Powell

Mrs Pauline Hewitt



Attendance Officer



Mrs Lynda Dunning Support Officer (Scholarpack/CCR/MyHR)  
Mrs Jackie Gillespie Finance Support (Ayrton & Alpha)  
Mrs Jenny Skinner Finance Officer (Ayrton & Alpha)  
Miss Lauren Boxall Admin Officer  
Mrs Shelley Cook Admin Support Assistant  







Staff can be contacted by speaking to a member of staff in the school office.  Alternatively if you have a general question about the school please email: